Originally Knightsbridge was a series of fields that connected the villages of Chelsea and Kensington, through which the now re-diverted Westbourne River flowed.

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Montpelier Street-based Nicolas Van Patrick (NVP) have purchased Hobart Slater, one of the original two estate agents specialising in the Knightsbridge area since 1981.

Knights-bridge was called thus because of the bridge across the river, as it flowed from the base of the Serpentine at Hyde Park Corner, on into the Thames near Sloane Square.

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It is said that knights would use the bridge as they came to London before leaving for the crusades, to seek a blessing from the Bishop of Fulham.


PROPERTY OF THE WEEK: Ambassadorial, 23 bedroom residence on Wimpole Street, Marylebone. It doesn't get more elegant or palatial than this in London. Available to rent through NVP https://bit.ly/3f7NnR4

Exchanged: Delightful 3 bed house in Rutland Mews South, Knightsbridge, that had recently been reconfigured and interior designed down to the last detail https://bit.ly/3z2XONk

New instruction: Impressive 6 bedroom, Grade II Listed house in South Kensington with direct access to communal gardens, available to buy through NVP https://bit.ly/3xB1WmV

Last week @PrimeResi featured a very special flat in Ennismore Gardens that we recently exchanged on for well over the asking price (more than £10 million). It underlines our belief that you can never undersell a property if you market it correctly.

It's weather like the kind we're having that makes us all long to live close to one of London's beautiful parks. If you're looking for something just south of the river you could do worse than this wonderful 5 bed family home near Battersea Park https://bit.ly/3xacfOA

The bridge NVP provides these days is between buyer and seller, market to market, cycle to cycle and locale to locale.

We are a nexus between the different areas of the Royal Borough, bridging Chelsea and Kensington in the same way as the original open land that became Knightsbridge.