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Feb 02 2017

In The Media

Prime Resi Feature on NVP Deal

It's been a pretty good week for NVP. On Monday we discovered we'd been selected as one of Prime Resi's 'Top 50 Boutique London Estate Agencies' and yesterday the same respected luxury property journal reported on our first commercial deal. Not a bad start to February... Read more here ‪bit.ly/2krGZIv 

Jan 30 2017

In The Media

NVP Selected as One of Prime Resi's Top Boutique London Agencies

NVP is very proud to announce that, having opened our doors less than 3 years ago in a roller coaster ride of a market, our raison d’etre based on knowledge, attention to detail and a love for doing what we do is proving to resonate with the PCL industry. We are delighted to have been included in Prime Resi’s guide to the ‘Top 50 Boutique London Estate Agencies’. Read more here… http://bit.ly/2k8zvIr

Jan 13 2017

In The Media

Our Predictions for 2017

When it comes to the sales market we predict trading conditions to remain challenging for 2017.  This, we imagine, will very much be the case for Q1 2017 as buyers, and in particular foreign buyers, wait by the sidelines until Article 50 gets invoked at the end of March.  We have many foreign buyers on our books who are telling us they are keen to buy again in London to take advantage of the devaluation of sterling thus far and the drop in capital values over the past couple of years.  Many of these buyers from overseas are already beginning their searches, but will hold off till Q2 2017 when they believe sterling will come down further. We believe there...


Dec 19 2016

In The Media

Five of the Best Places to Feel Festive in K&C

Kensington Palace Enjoy a programme of Victorian themed events at this beautiful London landmark, from lantern making to music recitals. An installation of illuminated, paper-cut illustrations are also on view, inspired by the diaries of Queen Victoria. www.hrp.org.uk/kensington-palace   Natural History Museum Ice Rink Wrap up warm, wear the kids out and rediscover your own inner child as you slip and slide around the most enchanting ice rink in town. Fairy lights galore, a Christmas carousel and a smaller rink where younger children can hone their skills make the experience extra special. www.nhm.ac.uk/visit/exhibitions/ice-rink   Royal Albert Hall What better time to visit one of the best known and most impressive concert halls in the world? Join in with the Singalong...


Dec 07 2016

In The Media

No Time Like the Present

  It’s beginning to feel more and more like Christmas, with the lights twinkling in Sloane Square, Santa in his grotto at Harrods (and, magically, managing to make appearances elsewhere) and hotel lobbies competing in the tree stakes. If you’re considering putting your house on the market, you’re probably thinking of waiting until after Christmas, but in actual fact there are plenty of good reasons to do it right now. We ourselves have seen a flurry of activity over the past week or so on the sales side – those shrewd enough to know an opportunity when they see one – and buyers who have been sitting on the side-lines cautiously are coming out and making offers with a view...


Dec 01 2016

In The Media

A Newcomer’s Guide to London

Twelve quirky ‘facts’ about the city we call home, by NVP Black cabs will not necessarily stop, even if their light is on to say they’re available. If you want to visit a ‘typical’ London pub, choose very carefully. They are not all quaint. English people like talking about the weather as much as Italians like talking about food. A shop that sells books is called a book shop, not a library – this is something quite different. If in doubt say sorry; it’s a word Brits use a lot. Many English people consider it completely normal to wear flip-flops in the middle of winter. Most Englishmen are not inclined to go for a manicure or pedicure (despite their love...


Nov 24 2016

In The Media

Fall Fail

In yesterday’s Autumn Statement Philip Hammond had the perfect opportunity to listen to the property professionals and remove the onerous SDLT increases brought in by the previous chancellor George Osbourne. We were disappointed however, though once again not entirely surprised, that the Chancellor did not reform stamp duty at the upper end of the market, or reverse the extra 3% recently introduced on secondary homes and BTL landlords. The government also missed a trick to bring regulation to letting agents by creating a standard fee and instead opted to ban lettings fees charged to tenants altogether.  Clearly the government has failed to get to grips with the industry, as they don’t seem to realise that agents are not able to afford to...